What Sort of Dirt Does Jesse Jackson have on Mike Nifong?

It happened early on that District Attorney Mike Nifong knew there was no evidence with which to convict the Duke Lacrosse players of raping a stripper. How did it take so long for the players to be exonerated? I have a theory, but the theory is based on sound historically circumstantial evidence. If anyone can prove my theory false, I will be glad to receive correction, but there is some merit to investigating it, because it involves Jesse Jackson. And Jesse Jackson has a motive.

About a year ago I wrote that the Duke players should never have been in the situation they were in, and they would never have been accused. But neither should they have been railroaded when they clearly were never guilty.

Why would the district attorney continue to press for their guilt when it could do nothing other than make him look like an eventual buffoon?

Here's my theory...

Mike Nifong felt pressure to continue his stance against the Duke lacrosse players. It was clear early on that there was no evidence. A normal district attorney would admit as much. But I can't see any other reason that Mr. Nifong would have acted the way he did, which was clearly abnormal.

Jesse Jackson became embroiled in the case early on, as he often does when he can see that there is a buck to be made and a greater division to be made among the races. He succeeded in his task very well once again.

Jesse Jackson offered to pay the girl's tuition, even if her allegations turned out to be false. He came down squarely on the side of race, at the expense of truth. Which he has done so many times before.

Mr. Jackson accused the accused of acting guilty by hiring lawyers. As if someone wrongly accused (clearly by that time) would simply roll over for him and do their time in the slammer.

And then he had this to say:

But something happened on the night of March 13th – something so compelling that Durham District Attorney Michael Nifong was prompted to say, “This case is not going away”.

That something, I think, was Jesse Jackson. Mike Nifong knew that the case wasn't going to go away because Jesse Jackson's mafia had dug up some kind of dirt on Mike Nifong. It's happened before, and lives of other people have been destroyed by the master race hustler. It's not only conceivable, but logical, to assume that it happened again.


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