Scrambling to Turn Off the TV

It's interesting what we will and will not let our children watch on TV. Sometimes our conscience blinders get a little thick in places.

In the opinion section of Monday's Deseret News was this ironic gem:

I was curled up on the couch watching "American Idol" with my 9-year-old twins on Wednesday evening. Ryan Seacrest had barely said good night when Fox 13 News abruptly began flashing images of the Virginia Tech shooter. I scrambled to turn off the set...

If the writer were really concerned about her children not watching salacious fare that will ruin their psyches, she should have "scrambled to turn off the set" an hour earlier--when American Idol started.


  1. We've got a handful of TVs in the house, but no cable and no satellite. We've got a number of kids DVDs. The TVs are almost never on during prime time. We're too busy. The vast majority of popular shows (including Idol) have never been seen in our house. Parents make the choice at the power switch and the channel selector. Kids learn from that.

  2. While, I don't want to stop people from turning the TV off. It is their decision and I respect people who make the decision.

    However, we also need to show support for shows that respect our values and aren't offensive. TV is getting to more base programming because they are desperate for more attention. Don't watch it if it is bad, but try to watch it if it is entertaining and not offensive.

    I don't know that I am making sense here, but I believe that some responsible and judicious TV watching is good for us and society.

  3. You should have turned off the TV an hour before that.


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