Al Gore for President?

Rumors are starting to percolate that Al Gore is going to make a bid for the presidency. Will it happen?

I think so, but I would never vote for him. I heard on The Right Balance this morning that a good Democratic source says that he is. Newsmax is saying that he will.

He almost won 7 years ago. He seems to be positioning himself for a run with his "Inconvenient Truth" tour. He is his own greatest fan. So it wouldn't surprise me in the least!

So, if it doesn't happen, forget you read this. But if it does--you heard it here third!

Or, how about this...vice presidential running mate for Hillary...? ...Naw...!


  1. Gore would not play second fiddle to a Clinton a second time. He's either going for the top spot or nothing. Of course, his recent fearmongering has done little to endear him to some of the middle ground folks that voted for him in 2000.

  2. I worked for Gore's team a bit on some small-time issues back in the 70's. He was very humble and intelligent.

    And I seriously doubt you have ever met him, or seen him in person. So where does one get off writing something like "he's his own greatest fan."?

    It's childish, uninformed tripe like this that is destroying our party, people! We keep warming up to Malkin and O'Reilly like they really speak for us. Then (as this post shows) we start to SOUND like them?

    What happened to fiscal responsibility and small government? When did we become the party of cheap, mis-informed jabs and childish name calling?


    With Love,

  3. You're right. I've never met him, and I probably violated my own maxim of just a couple of posts ago ("How not to treat people").

    However, I did watch "An Inconvenient Truth", and it is on this that I base my statement that he is his own greatest fan. Inconvenient Truth was very short on science and very long on self-aggrandizement. This is the basis for my statement.

    I'm not sure where you're coming from with your last paragraph, but for the record I agree with you that we need "fiscal responsibility and small government".

  4. In the movie Gore pokes fun at himself. The science isn't exactly Nature or Science, but it's much more solid than anything out of the Bush administration -- it relies on real measures of real things in the real world.

    My work with Al Gore showed me he is a humble man (albeit with grand talent and energy), a man of faith, and a man of great vision.

    Is that why he strikes such fear in people?


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