Warriors! Come Out to Play-i-ay!!

Against the Utah Jazz in game 3 of the NBA Western Conference semifinals, the Golden State Warriors were high as a kite. Suddenly, in game 4, they appeared to be the thugs from the 1979 movie of the same name as their team.

In the 1979 movie The Warriors, one of the characters taunts the members of a rival gang. "Warriors! Come out to play-i-ay!" he says. Last night's Golden State Warriors looked a lot like a New York street gang as game 4 of their playoff series against the Utah Jazz came to a close.

First, Baron Davis decked an unsuspecting Derek Fisher with a forearm shiver to the head.

Shortly thereafter, Jason Richardson nearly killed Mehmet Okur (pictured above) after the game was out of reach.

Richardson was ejected from the game, which only had 37 seconds to go.

It is amazing that a team that has finally jelled could, with two senseless acts, let the end of a hard-fought game cast a pall over their otherwise excellent season.

Imagine, game 5 played without Golden State's two best players. I would like the Jazz to win the game 'fair and square'. But I think under the circumstances, fair and square would be with Davis and Richardson on the bench.

Actions should have consequences.


  1. Hey Frank,

    This is what's wrong with the NBA. BTW, did you see Robert Horry body check Steve Nash last night? RIDICULOUS.

    And the problem of these out of control man babies will only grow as the league has absolutely no guts to suspend anyone in the playoffs.

    Memo got clotheslined, but he did fire back. I believe the Jazz were up by 11 with 10 seconds to go and Memo knocked down a 3. ROFLMAO! We died laughing when Memo did it- we all knew why.

    We're all headed down to Radio Active Arena tonight to watch the bloodbath. The fans are going to be VISCIOUS to Baron and Richardson and it's going to be a PURE DELIGHT to watch.

    Sunday night I as listening to the Warriors postgame on KNBR 680 (you can get it at night, it's 50,000 watts). The hosts were bagging on Golden State and how every loss in the playoffs has ended in some sort of "chippy" incident. Classless thugs. If anyone should have figured out how to lose, it's Golden State. They've had 13 years of perfecting the art!

  2. Davis has always been a thug. He thinks he is another Kobe. Maybe he is. Both of them are prima donnas.

  3. Alas, it is a shame that the senseless and uncalled for pair of fouls mentioned against Mehmet and Derek have resulted in only two flagrant fouls. The second coming today, only after the game ended and the game reviewed.

    I am hopeful that the Jazz can maintain their poise and play like the true champs that they are and in delivering the game five, series ending, finale show the rest of the NBA what class they truly possess.

    Go Jazz

  4. My prognostication is that after losing their composure such as they did, it will be hard for them to play effectively in tonight's game.

    Jazz in 5!

  5. I think you are right Frank, but the game must still be played.

    Anonymous in Cedar City


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