Carbon Indulgences

The mantra of Man-Made Global Warming (MMGW) is not only a religion--it is a medieval one, what with its own selling of indulgences.

Straight out of the Dark Ages. If you pay money, you can still pollute, but you don't have to feel guilty about it! The problem is, in many cases, the money does not go toward cleaning up the environment whatsoever.

For those who support it, it offers the reward of "carbon neutrality" without having to lower one's standard of living. To critics, it allows guilt-free pollution. Either way, the burgeoning carbon offset industry needs more oversight, say two members of Congress.

About 60 different companies sell carbon offsets to U.S. consumers but operate under virtually no standards, the congressmen said. They cited reports alleging that some organizations get money for emissions that don't exist and that others make large profits on cleanups that would have taken place anyway.


  1. I love the sale of indulgences - I mean offsets - they allow for blatant hypocracy.

    "I have money so it's up to you to solve the problem."


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