Proposed Pilot "Tax the Rich" Project

I've changed my mind. I think it is time to increase taxes on the rich. They aren't paying their fair share. My proposal will be a phased approach.

I have come to agree with liberals that some people have too much money. They're getting to big of piece of the American pie (yes, probably that pie, too ;-) ). So I have a proposal to increase taxes on the rich.

Phase I would begin the new tax scheme by introducing it in select regions of the country. The regions that I randomly propose are Washington D.C. and Hollywood. I propose a tax rate of 95%.

Phase II is to leave it that way until they scream "Uncle!"

Phase III is to send them to an economics class, so they can see that "the pie" actually grows!

P.S. Presidential Candidate-soon-to-be Fred Thompson, in a recent "campaign" speech said that, because the Democrats are targeting the rich for tax increases, he suggests that middle-classers steer well clear of the target. I agree.


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