Glenn Beck Disses Ron Paul...Why Am I Surprised?

I knew the media would either slam on Ron Paul or just ignore him, because he's not establishment. Well, color me naive--but I didn't think Glenn Beck would do it.

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I just decided that I was going to give Glenn Beck a try, so I purchased 6 months of his archives, etc. for $30. (I saved two bucks a month by doing it in six-month increments.) I tried Rush, and got sick fast. I tried Michael Medved, and liked him a lot. So now let's give Glenn a try. But I'm wondering if I made a mistake. I'll still listen, but...

The very first thing that he talked about on the very first show that I streamed after buying access to it was to make fun of Ron Paul. Okay, so he made fun of John McCain, too.

Glenn Beck was surprised that Ron Paul netted 18% of the votes regarding who won last week's Republican debate. Must be that he just has a bunch of hard core supporters, Glenn's sidekick said. Maybe so, but dammit! 18% is pretty good! Based on his performance in the debate, Ron Paul deserves to be considered.

Several people seem to think that Ron Paul has no chance, but don't vote based on who has a chance. That's how we keep getting a member of the Joker Brothers every four years.

Ron Paul is the best candidate for President of the United States. So, Mr. Beck: I like you, and I'll keep listening to your show, but I'm disappointed in you.

Ironically, halfway through the first hour of last Friday's show, Beck asked "Who's not gonna be a Democrat?" The best answer to the question is the guy he's already written off.


  1. He did the same thing on CNN Headline Prime, and picked out Paul's answer to whether he's made a critical decision as the worst answer of the night. Yes, in case you're wondering they cut out the clip before he clarified that his biggest decision was opposing the war.
    -Bradford C.

  2. Ron Paul's live and let live ethic, if installed in the U.S. presidency, would deny government power and popular support to behave thuggishly toward those who disagree with Glenn Beck and his ilk.

  3. Ok; you're naive. Glenn Beck is a nasty person.

  4. Let's be real. Glenn Beck is on CNN that should tell you something. He wouldn't be on main stream media if he were any good. He is nothing but a media whore like all the others O'Reilly, Hannity, etc. If it weren't for the internet Ron Paul's name wouldn't be on any one's lips. Thank God for the internet!

  5. Well Ron Paul will be on Glenn Beck tonight at 7

    Lets see what Glenn can say with the man sitting right there.

  6. That oughta be informative. I suspect Glenn will be a bit nicer in person.

  7. This was from Glenn Becks website today...

    Which candidate will win the GOP bid for the White House in 2008?
    Fred Thompson
    Mitt Romney
    Rudy Giuliani
    Newt Gingrich
    Tom Tancredo
    Duncan Hunter
    John McCain
    Mike Huckabee
    Sam Brownback

    Where is he?

  8. 50.2%. Ron Paul must be the other 49.8% then.

  9. I hadn't noticed those addition facts in the above figures. I hope you're right!

  10. Response to my letter to Geico about Glen Beck calling Ron Paul supporters "terrorists":

    We've recently received your email about one of our marketing decisions, specifically buying advertising time on CNN.

    Thank you, first of all, for contacting us with such a sincere interest regarding Mr. Beck's comments during his program. I want to assure you that GEICO does not support Glenn Beck's views and does not sponsor his show. GEICO buys advertising time on CNN, and as part of a broad rotation, our advertisements occasionally air during his program.

    We have received complaints similar to yours and have raised a concern with CNN regarding Mr. Beck's comments. We have found CNN to be a reasonable and responsible television network and expect they will take the appropriate action to monitor the content of Mr. Beck's program.

    Thank you for comments.

  11. ^ Good idea. Let's use advertising dollars to "monitor the content" of the media we receive. I'm not so naive to say it's not already monitored and controlled, but I hope you can understand my point.

  12. Well with the poll votes for the other Republican candidates on Glenn Beck's site totaling 49 or so percent and no sign of the other 50 or so percent of the votes and no sign of Ron Paul in the poll I can only come to one conclusion...

    Ron Paul's loser supporters were poll spamming. Again.

  13. There's no such thing as "poll spamming" when you can only have one vote per computer (IP address). Perhaps it's just that the majority of Glenn's audience is educated and knows how to research their candidates, thus the 50% of votes that he had received.

  14. I agree. This "poll spamming" allegation to me is just a red herring that people can use to avoid the reality that there are a TON of people out there who have studied Ron Paul and agree that he is the best-qualified candidate, by far, in the presidential race this year.

  15. With all the crap on TV this is what disturbs you all huh.


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