Rockity I: What I Wish Hannity Had Said

There are a lot of things I wish Sean Hannity hadn't said in the first debate with Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson last night. But here I will constrain my thoughts to some very simple but ameliorating things I wish he would have said.

Both Hannity and Anderson could have proven that they were serious about solving the Iraq problem except for the things that they left unsaid. Here's what Hannity could have said.

Mayor Anderson, you are correct to a certain extent with many of the allegations that you make. It has become evident that we knew that the aluminum tubes alleged to have been used for Saddam's nuclear ambitions were likely nothing more than tubes for building conventional rockets. You are correct that there was very little, if anything, to the supposed relationship between Saddam and al Qaeda.

Most importantly, it does appear that we have been derelict in our responsibility to be an example to the world, in that there have been more than just a handful of examples of torture under the watch of American military and civilian officials, and they have occurred in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo. There is no excuse for this, including the excuses President George W Bush has given. For this, America should be mortified, and we should work to ensure that this egregious problem is fixed immediately.

That's what I think. What do you wish Hannity should have said?


  1. I wish he would've said ANYTHING! I was very disappointed in him. He seemed very unprepared and showed two very long videos instead of making his case.


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