Why Won't that Fly Stop Buzzing Around My Head?

Some parts of politics resemble flies buzzing around our heads. We'd probably be better off to ignore them, but it's hard to resist the urge to swat helplessly at them. (I hesitate to post this article, because it proves that I'm not completely taking my own medicine, but it's good for all of us for future reference.)

My wife and I love to speed walk a couple miles up the canyon 2-3 mornings a week in the Spring and Summer, and then run back down. Often, at one point along the return path, I am bombarded by between one and 50 flies which, if I pay attention to them, gets them all energized and me full of hatred, stress, and misdirected energy.

Some flies make a big buzz. They are full of themselves. And you can just see that they love all the attention they're getting as you try to shoo them away.

Mitt Romney was bombarded by such a fly yesterday. Some dude denigrated Mitt Romney and his religion yesterday by saying something about Mormons not believing in God. And there was a lot of news about it. As a Mormon, my response is, "whatever".

Such things can be irritating, but only when we don't practice self-control. But paying attention to such flies just causes the flies to become more emboldened.

Some things are not news. Flies are not news. Let's just ignore them.

As far as I know, Mitt Romney ignored it. But a bunch of other people kept saying, in essence, "Hey Mitt! Isn't that fly bugging you?" Bob Lonsberry here in Salt Lake, and Glenn Beck nationally, made a big deal about it on their radio shows. Kind of like swatting at flies. Unless you have a super-duper flyswatter, it's kind of a waste of time.


  1. While, I generally agree that a fly should be ignored. I think that this particular fly will only have positive effects in the long run.

  2. As long as Mitt Romney doesn't spend too much time noticing the fly. Hopefully this fly will just buzz himself out.


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