Putting a Bad Face on Deportation

They thought they were in the United States legally. They had been here 16 years. They had integrated into Utah society. Now they've been forced back to Guatemala. It appears that the Department of Homeland Security would rather use its Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arm to put out non-existent fires rather than stopping them from occurring in the first place.

If someone wants to become a US citizen, and they're trying to do it legally, why does our government piss on them?

I've had some people tell me that legal immigration to the United States is not difficult to understand. Well, I know of someone who thinks it is. And because it's so easy to understand, they are back in Guatemala after living in Utah for 16 years.

Ana Corado was 6 years old when her parents brought her and her two siblings to Utah on tourist visas in 1991. Her parents later applied for political asylum for the family and were denied, but they appealed it.

Corado's dad, a Baptist minister, applied for a religious worker visa in 2003, and the family thought it was covered by the visa. But after Corado's arrest and discussions with immigration attorneys, family members found out they were wrong.

"A lot of people tell you a lot of misinformation, and you don't know what to go by," said Corado's brother, Jose.

Corado's parents bought their own plane tickets and left Utah on Monday to join their daughter.

Jose Corado, 24, stayed behind and is praying for a miracle. He hopes he can get to stay here legally because he has terminal colon cancer. He has been dealing with the disease since he was diagnosed in January 2000.

It is Keystone-cop comical when law-abiding immigrants, who think they are here legally, are torn apart as a family (a daughter married a US citizen recently, and a son tries to stay here to continue cancer treatment), while border agents who are simply doing their duty trying to keep crime out of the US are now languishing in prison. Come to think of it--their families have been torn apart as well.

Maybe the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) should change its name to the Bureau of Family Destruction (BFD)!


  1. Just imagine your health care (and that of everyone else) being managed with the same level of 'care' (translation: bureaucratic stupidity) that you see in this case. I don't understand the eagerness of people to expand the government into every facet of life.


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