Rockity I: What I Wish Rocky Had Said

From my perspective, Rocky Anderson was the clear winner of the debate against Sean Hannity in Salt Lake City last night. The debate was very healthy. However, it could have been even healthier if Rocky had conceded a couple of points.

Here's what I wish Mayor Anderson had said:

Sean, I have done a great deal of research into this, and I am very firm in my conviction that what I have presented is truthful. However, you are correct in a couple of regards. Many Democrats in congress were as culpable for getting us into the Iraq war as was the Bush administration, and some of them should perhaps be removed from office as well. It comes across often that because we despise the Iraq war that we despise the American troops. I apologize for contributing to this perspective, because I think our men and women make up the greatest military in the world, and they should not receive the brunt of our negativity in this political controversy.

Your suggestion that our vehement disagreements give energy to the enemy is well taken, and we should from now on hold more respectable conversations about how to remove ourselves from this unjust war while at the same time focusing our energies on a common enemy--radical Islam. You also raise an important point that because we are already in the midst of an Iraq war that a solution to the problem is not as simple as bringing our troops home. We should be concerned for the Iraqi people as we make this transition, and work together and with the Iraqi government to ensure that the best solution is chosen in such a delicate situation.

That is what I wish Rocky had said. What's your opinion?


  1. mullah cimoc say ameriki needing for remember vietnam war ending.

    when last helicopter flying away the usa embassey how long before the gun of war going silent?

    Answer: 3 day and now peace more than 30 years among vietnam people. back then time usa govt and control media say the same lying excuse for continue the kill.

    special important: not the single viet cong coming for attack amerika during all this thirty year.

    now patriotc ameriki man him needing for destroy israeli spy operations in usa starting with elimination the necon sending him to iraq for living in baghdad with mccain tell evryone how safe.

  2. Of course, Hannity was utterly incorrect in assuming that Rocky had no criticism to offer Democrats who supported the Authorization for the Use of Military Force against Iraq in 2002. Hannity didn't do his homework.

  3. You're right. I suspected that Hannity would walk right into that "left roundhouse" and I think he got pretty much K.O.'ed by it.

    Hannity is a fish, and his only water is his radio program.


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